Remote Support Services

Allow us to take care of your computer remotely!

Whether your computer is in need of a cleanup, speed boost, upgrade, or repair, Shepard Technologies can assist you remotely. With Shepard Technologies, there is no need to disconnect your computer, laptop, or server. We can establish a secure remote connection using trusted and reliable software. Remote Computer Support is ideal for our busy schedules.

There is nothing more frustrating than a slow or broken computer.

That is why we are here to serve your needs. When you are in a rush and have an issue, you just want to say “Oh Chip!”. Instead of getting frustrated, give Chip Shepard a call. When Chip happens, it’s a good thing.

How does remote computer support work?

We use well known technology to remote to your machine and fix your issues. TeamViewer is a widely known organization with top of the line software. We will walk you through downloading our personal link or you can go directly to TeamViewer to install. It will require an ID and password that are secure.

Shepard Technologies has experience with Dell, HP, Apple, Sony, Compaq, Gateway, and many other manufactures.  Check out our other great services, or see what others are saying about us.



Current rate for remote support is $75.00 for the first hour then $18.75 per 1/4 hour. Established customers pay per 1/4 hour.
All major credit cards accepted, as well as PayPal. First time customer setup fee may apply.

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