We offer a wide range of services but where we really shine is providing full service for all of your IT needs. Whether you need a proactive monitoring system to alert when there are issues or whether you want a full service monitoring and computer repair we have a solution for you.

Proactive IT Support Options

  1. Monitoring only
    • With our system we can set your PCs and Servers up with a monitoring solution that will alert us of any issues that may arise. We will then reach out to you to let you know of an issue and can address it for you or point you in the right direction.
    • Server Monitoring
    • PC Monitoring
    • Laptop Monitoring
    • Printer Monitoring
  2. Monitoring with Reporting and 30 minutes of support
    • This service will cover the monitoring only items and include 30 minutes of support per device monitored. This helps you stay on task so we can assist you with your computer repair and maintenance.
    • Server Repair
    • PC Repair
    • Laptop Repair
    • Printer Repair
    • Network monitoring
  3. Full Proactive Support and 1 hour of support
    • This package will not only monitor and report but we set it up to take care of common tasks such as updates to key systems. We also add in 1 hour of support per device as it fits.
    • Server Proactive Maintenance
    • Workstation Proactive Maintenance
    • Laptop Proactive Maintenance
    • Network Monitoring and Reporting
    • Printer Monitoring and Reporting
    • Full Inventory
  4. Computer Repair and Full Service IT Support
    • This is a pay by the hour service as you see fit. While we highly recommend being proactive, we understand that some company’s just want to use us on an as needed basis. What you get with us is not only someone to fix the immediate issue but we will note any items that arise as we are working with you that may need attention and will recommend the best course of action.
    • Computer Repair
    • Printer Connectivity Repair
    • Wi-Fi networks
    • Router diagnose install and repair
    • Modem install and repair
    • Firewall install, maintenance, and repair
    • Server Install, maintenance, and repair
    • Email System solution
    • VOIP Solutions
    • Cloud Services
    • Many other IT services offered