Background and services offered at Shepard Technologies

Hi, this is Chip Shepard with Shepard Technologies.  I want to briefly explain to you why I started my business.  Working in the corporate world, in an IT Department, for over 16 years I learned of a great need for small businesses to have some basic education on internet security and how to protect themselves from hackers and malicious intent.  As a small business is trying to run their business and do what they do best they don’t have the time or quite possibly the knowledge on how to protect themselves.  As I started my own business in early 2015, I knew that my mission in life would align perfectly in becoming an IT Service provider.  My mission is to help others in any way I can and since I have a strong background in IT Services this will fit with the mission of helping others physically with their IT needs.

Managed Service Provider

Small businesses who need managed IT services in Tulsa, Owasso, Claremore and the surrounding areas will find that we are genuine and passionate about helping them so they can grow their business without worry of whether their systems are operating well.  From Computer repair to installing an entire network for your facility we have a solution that will fit your budget and still provide the computer security you need.

Information Security

With so many emerging cybersecurity threats it is hard to stay on top of everything that is a potential risk.  With a proper IT Company like Shepard Technologies, you will feel safe and secure from cyber-threats such as virus attacks, ransomware, malware, and the popular phishing attack.

Best IT Service Provider in Owasso

How did we become the best?  Not only did we meet customers where they were, we provide excellent customer service.  We help people understand why their computer does what it does.  We help them understand why their internet is down again.  Wi-Fi is continuously growing and without proper understanding of how Wi-Fi signals work and the proper placement of Access Points the system may not work.

Why we are the best IT Service Provider in all of green country?

Each community that we service we become an active part.  We want to give back and help others in any way we can.  We offer great services and discounts for Veterans, Seniors, Non-Profits.  We are active members of local area Chamber of Commerce.  We actively participate in Better Business Bureau events and build trust in our local communities.

Computer Repair Tulsa

Why did we choose Tulsa as an area we provide IT service in?  The owner is highly familiar with the Tulsa market as he spent 5 years of his life in Tulsa.  Also knowing the area from living in the surrounding communities have helped.  Additionally, we saw a great need for an IT company that will take care of customers instead of take advantage of the customer not understanding technology.  We are also passionate about maintaining high integrity.  We will strive to be the IT managed service provider you can trust.  We support missions such as John 3:16 in Tulsa.

Owasso Computer Repair

The owner had a heart for Owasso as a growing community.  It didn’t take long after joining the Owasso Chamber of Commerce to realize the Owasso community is a great one.  Owasso joins together with other communities in One Voice, to help better our communities.  We call Owasso our home and will likely be our central hub for your needs.  We service and provide computer repair and laptop repair in Owasso and 40 miles around Owasso.  We also service small and mid-sized businesses with all of their IT needs.

Computer Repair Claremore

Ourhearts also belong in Claremore.  As a longtime resident of Claremore, this is where I grew my passion to help small businesses and residential homes.  We are also an active part in supporting the Claremore Chamber as well as Habitat for Humanity of Claremore.

Shepard Technologies is an IT Company that provides Managed Services as a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP). As a full service IT provider, we are passionate about helping others in any way we can. Please contact us with all of your technology needs. 918-638-9949